Webzfactorys™ ' Dashboard

Webzfactorys™ ' Dashboard

Posted on : 15 Jun, 2023    |    Last Update - 1 year ago   

Welcome to Webzfactory's™  Dashboard!


In the dashboard, users can monitor the progress of their websites and manage their online presence effectively.

They can view the number of websites they have successfully created out of the total allowed, providing insight into their remaining capacity.

Additionally, users can track their website's bandwidth usage, ensuring they stay within their allocated limits.

The dashboard also displays the current plan subscribed to, detailing the renewal date and any active addon Plans.

For instance, if the Premium plan is active, users are encouraged to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan for additional features and benefits. Furthermore, users can monitor their leads, including contact inquiries and blog subscribers, allowing them to gauge engagement levels.

Browser and device usage statistics are also provided, offering valuable insights into visitor behavior.

Overall, the dashboard serves as a comprehensive tool for users to analyze website performance, manage subscriptions, and optimize their online presence.





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